Booshway Letter

Hello, Greetings To All

Welcome to the 28th celebration of the 1838 Rendezvous. Booshway for the year 2017 I am pleased to extend heartfelt welcome to all who find themselves in our company this year.

Here, where the present day town of Riverton stands, early adventurers held their annual rendezvous for the year of 1838. The meeting of 2 rivers, the Wind and the Little Wind, or PopoAgie, was an easy place for the trappers and traders to locate. The rivers also provided a transportation route and enough fresh water and green grass to assure a favorable camping area.

Latter years saw more folk visiting and settling around the joining of the Wind Rivers thanks to the same abundant resources. Eventually, the town of Riverton was founded and fittingly took The Rendezvous City as its nickname.

In 1989 our club began to hold Rendezvous re-enactments here on the original site of that 1838 Rendezvous. One of our club’s main goals is to care for the site, preserving the land and history for all.

Today our Rendezvous Club strives to keep alive a bit of the old time trapping era spirit. We wish to invite all those who have any interest in the “Shining Time” to attend and participate in our rendezvous. Family participation is especially encouraged. All of our events and celebrations are family friendly. Our Kid’s Games offer chances for fun and participation specifically for our young guests. Traditional activities such as Hawk and Knife, Black Powder, Archery and Atlatl are also offered. Seminars on varied topics are offered for those who enjoy learning a bit about skills and crafts of the earlier days. We would also be happy to provide you with a chance to put on a seminar of your own if you wish to share your skills and/or knowledge with others. Just shoot us a note if you feel the urge to teach.

In summation, please feel free to be a part of history and have fun while doing so. Come to our rendezvous at the Meeting of the Winds in the year of 2017.

Your Booshway, Carol “Wolflady” Lechner

PS. As an added attraction this year we will be hosting campsites for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. See our website for a link to our eclipse website.

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