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Welcome to our 1838 Rendezvous Experience.

“Come to the Popo Agie on the Wind River. Plenty of Trade, Whiskey and White Women.�

When Moses “Black� Harris wrote this post near the Green River in the Spring of 1838 he was probably writing with hope and humor as much as with actual knowledge.

Whiskey, no doubt, would be plentiful and trading depended on luck as well as your winter’s effort. White women, however, were in fact a rarity. Fortune, however, smiled and the 1838 Rendezvous on the Wind did indeed feature Trade, Whiskey and White Women!

The journals of these women and the unique geographical location along the convergent banks of the Wind River and the Popo Agie proved to be an historical gift to the future. These locators give today’s historians the ability to locate the 1838 Rendezvous site very accurately. This authenticity lends a special note to our rendezvous that is treasured by those who love our western history. It may, hopefully, add a special shiver as you walk among the spirits of those who celebrated here before us.

I invite you all to join our organization’s celebration this year as we hold our annual rendezvous in remembrance of the original 1838 Rendezvous

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